Megan and Matthew | Crestwood Country Club | Rehoboth, MA | April 30,2021

This wedding was a special one for me.

When Megan asked if I would photograph her wedding day, I could not say no.

Why? Two reasons.

Once upon a time I was a preschool teacher, and Megan was in my class. (yeah, I feel old!)

Now she is all grown up and married! (I still can’t believe she is old enough..where did time go?)

The second reason for photographing this wedding is because I was there at the start of Meg and Matt’s dating. Meg and Matt met while working at DisneyWorld and I was there on a girl’s trip. I spent half of a day with Meg and her “friend” Matt. You see…. I didn’t believe that was just friendship there. Nope!

Here is some proof: (cell phone photos)

First photo I took of Meg and Matt.
That is Matt in the car behind us.

So, fast-forward to the wedding….

What would Meg and Matt’s wedding be without Mouse Ears?
A beautiful gown fit for a real life princess
Special keepsakes from Meg’s bridesmaid’s and mother.
A tiara and sparkly shoes!
…..and the rings, of course!
A super proud mom
The Bridesmaid’s…even though one was unable to fly in for the ceremony. She was there in spirit (and in an 8×10!)
Last moments before becoming husband and wife.
Matt’s sisters were his “grooms-women” (How can you not love that!?)

Matt has this cute way of crinkling his nose when he smiles.

I can still remember this Father of the Bride walking his little girl into my classroom each morning.
Coming to get his little girl
….and walking her down the aisle to this wonderful guy.
The Mother of the Groom
A lovely tribute to Matthew’s father.
The first kiss! (although I am sure it wasn’t really :)


So I forgot to mention that Mr. and Mrs. Hall’s wedding day fell on THE windiest day EVER!

As in a gusts up to a million miles per hour! (ok, maybe that is an exaggeration, but the gusts were up there)

So outdoor photos were a bit…..challenging.

As you can see….

if you are going to marry a guy, be sure to marry one who will catch your veil!

…and wisk you away, in a golf cart, for a kiss!

Always check your camera card for those images you didn’t know about, like when the shutter went off about a zillion times while on the seat of the golf cart!

I can’t end this blog without photos of the first dance.

….and of course, the cake!

May all your days be magical!

What is Personal Branding Photography and why you should make it a part of your business-to-do’s.

Images from the session for Jamie Gowlacki of

Do you have a small business? Are you on social media? Have a podcast? Are you always thinking that you should update your sites? Are you single and leaping into the online dating world? Personal Branding just might be perfect for you.

Personal branding photography is a great way to get several images for use on your social media or website. People love to see fresh, new material each time they visit your page. This shows that you care about your brand. We all know how time consuming it can be to constantly update your sites, never mind the thought of needing a rotation of images to add to those posts. When you have a personal branding session, you will come away with a series of photographs that can be used at your disposal.

Personal branding sessions are different from traditional headshots. Typically, headshots are done in studio, or at a location, and generally only produce one or two images. Personal branding takes the headshot to a whole new level by incorporating several images, changes of clothing and locations. This is a great way to get some fun and creative photos that represent your true personality.

There is no limit to what you and your photographer can come up with!

The best way to prep for your session is to talk with your photographer about your needs, the type of business that you have, and what you are looking to portray to your audience. Together you should be able to come up with some ideas and inspiration that will produce the style that you are looking for. It won’t hurt to experiment out of the box, There is more of a need for clients to feel a connection with the real you!

Personal branding doesn’t have to be a one time thing. Some clients can use new images quarterly (think seasonal changes) while some can use new photos monthly. It all depends on the type of business you have and how often you would like fresh content.

Personal branding also doesn’t need tp pertain to business only. Anyone who would like updated photos can benefit by using them for dating sites, personal blogs and resumes.

Are you looking for an update?

Why wait? The year just started. Make it a goal for this one.

RI High School Senior Photographer | Lincoln Woods State Park | RI

teenage girl high school senior session at Lincoln woods state park in RI posing on bridge
Posing at the bridge

The early fall afternoon was drizzly and raw, but you would never know by the looks of it. The gray skies made the colors of the trees, grass and other ornamental plants simply pop! We happen to be there just before the start of the fall leaves changing and caught all the lovely greenery. This sweet high school senior had a smile which added a brightness to the images as if it were a sunny day!
Paige is a senior in Woonsocket, RI. Her mom called to schedule a session letting me know that her daughter might not be into it, but she wanted a few photos of her daughter’s senior year to add to her wall. Who knew that Paige would end up having a blast! (at least that is what she told me as we departed)

high school senior posing against a stone wall wearing a denim jacket
Taking advantage of a stone wall

We took a few “classic” style photos so she would have something for the yearbook.

This cool stone wall was the perfect backdrop. Paige looked relaxed and casual in her denim jacket. It didn’t take much to get her to smile, she was a natural!

teenage high school senior posing on top of a stone wall against green trees in Lincoln RI
Posing near the layers of green trees

Time for a quick change. This backdrop couldn’t be more perfect!

teenage girl nestled between two birch trees in Lincoln Woods State Park RI
birch trees

This spot has become one of my favorites! I just love how three rows of birch trees line up and form a spectacular frame. I think it’s become a favorite of the mom’s too!

series of girl wearing floral dress and posing along a bridge in Lincoln Woods State Park
Wearing a floral dress

Last outfit change of the day. I think the floral dress was a great choice with the pretty colors and off the shoulder look.

I had to capture one of my “signature” photos of the waist down.

While on the bridge, we noticed a bird, in the water, on the hunt for his dinner….

series of bird walking in water to catch a fish at Lincoln Wood State Park
bird catching a fish

He slowly walked towards his prey, then dove down to make his catch.

bird with fish in mouth coming out of the water in the pond at Lincoln Woods State Park
bird with fish

He caught it! I think we stood watching for about 5 minutes. He didn’t want to share his feast though!

teenage girl holding floral dress skirt near pond at Lincoln Woods State Park
floral dress

Time to get back to Paige wearing her cute floral dress!

teenage girl posing in front of red barn door wearing a floral dress
red barn door

It was time to capture a serious expression, which would always end with a smile anyway. She was just a natural!

classic photo of teenage girl sitting against stone wall at the beach
girl next to stone wall

We moved along to the beach area and found a nice spot to sit for a few moments.

I like the classic look in this one.

close up of girl with striking brown eyes using hands to frame face
girl with brown eyes

Just love how her eyes pop! They were the coolest shade of brown when the light hit.

girl in floral dress frolicking on the beach for high school senior session in RI
girl on beach

We ended with some fun, casual images on the beach. The drizzle was starting to come down a little heavier, but that didn’t stop us.

mother and teenage daughter together on beach at Lincoln Woods State Park Beach
mom and daughter

Of course I had to snap a few with mom. These two were laughing and having fun the whole time. They seem to having a nice mother/daughter relationship! It was nice to see.

teenage girl sitting near the water at Lincoln Woods Beach near greenery.
girl on beach

It was nice meeting both Paige and her mom. I was so happy that she ended up having fun with her session and wish her the best of luck in her future endeavors!

Digital Files vs. Prints

This is an amazing article which best represents why I choose not to be a “digital only” photographer. It is so important, to me, that you have the best quality prints and a full service experience with me. Click this link to read the full article.

Source: Digital Files vs. Prints

Credit to:  Marianne Drenthe of Marmalade Photography and can be found at the Professional Child Photography site at

Rhode Island Family and Maternity Photographer | Mom and Daughter Session in Swansea, MA.

What could be more adorable than a sweet young girl joining her mom’s maternity session? If you ask me, I think they could pass for sisters! I just loved the interaction between them.

maternity session in Swansea Ma at home outdoors.
Mom was just glowing! It wasn’t hard to get a beautiful photo of her.
mom and daughter maternity session in Swansea ma

We just happened to catch the nicest part of this early spring day! The sun was out and the temps were warm. One would never know that the skies would turn gray and rain would come down, not long after we finished!

South Eastern Massachusetts preschool photography Swansea
I just happened to have photographed mom’s daughter back in her preschool days! It was fun to see her again! It will be exciting to meet her new baby sibling in a few weeks!

RI Family Photographer | Georgiaville Pond Smithfield, RI


This gallery contains 14 photos.

 It was the most beautiful fall day for a photo session in New England. The weather was perfect, no wind, the leaves were peaking and the sunlight gorgeous! We started out with the “big brother” looking at his sisters…..think it … Continue reading

RI First Communion Photographer | Uxbridge, Ma Portrait Session

It was fun to photograph these two sisters, for their First Communion portraits. We were lucky enough to be allowed into the Parish Center at their church. It was a great spot, with beautiful windows and lots of natural light. We started with the set up first…
first communion-north providence-Rhode Island-photographer-children


What a cutie she is….Jaquelyn

first communion-north providence-Rhode Island-photographer-children

….Victoria’s turn….(and FYI, she is a mini version of her mom! )

first communion-north providence-Rhode Island-photographer-childrenNow together. These are the images to show them when they are not getting along. Feel the love?

first communion-north providence-Rhode Island-photographer-children


This image was used for a large print to display at the dinner…
first communion-north providence-Rhode Island-photographer-children

first communion-north providence-Rhode Island-photographer-children


Just needed to make use of the window light……first communion-north providence-Rhode Island-photographer-children

first communion-north providence-Rhode Island-photographer-children


Look at these big, beautiful eyes!
first communion-north providence-Rhode Island-photographer-children


…..and these windows were amazing! (They look deep in thought :)
first communion-north providence-Rhode Island-photographer-childrenone of my favorites…

first communion-north providence-Rhode Island-photographer-children


…and, of course, we had to have a little fun acting like siblings!

first communion-north providence-Rhode Island-photographer-children


It was an honor to capture these two cuties!



RI Family Portrait Photographer | Glocester Country Club

You would never believe that this family session was done on one of the COLDEST fall days we had! The head of the family wanted to have a nice, colorful, fall backdrop taken at a favorite New England location. A few days prior to the session date, I checked the site out. I searched for some of the best spots with the most colorful foliage. Mother Nature had some different ideas when the actual date came along. First of all, it was a big undertaking for this family to find a day which would work for all 17 members. The forecast called for some pretty nippy temperatures, which did not change! There were some windy days, leading up to that cold day, so most of the foliage had blown away. There went most of the pretty leaves which I had spotted just days earlier.

We made the best of it, and this was the final outcome. If you only knew how truly cold and damp it felt!! It cannot be seen in their faces. :)


RI Photographer | Winter in Wickford, RI


New Englanders should be used to weather changes. Most of us would rather have a sunny, warm day nice enough for venturing outdoors. As I sit here thinking about those kinds of days, I am reminded that we are in the midst of another polar vortex. Yes…arctic temps for days in a row. I decided to think back to last winter, and pull up some images taken after the Blizzard Nemo. All of the images below were taken in the quaint village of Wickford, RI. My heart has a special place there…. wickford, RI, RI photographer, Boats wickford, RI, RI photographer, Boats wickford, RI, RI photographer, BoatsBrrr is was cold then! Gray and stormy……..however did make for some peaceful images. wickford, RI, RI photographer, Boats wickford, RI, RI photographer, BoatsOne of my favorite spots, the Town Beach, has three trees that are always fun to see in each season. wickford, RI, RI photographer

RI Family Portrait Photographer | Kings Lake Naples, Florida

How lucky was I to be able to travel to Naples, Florida for the Christmas holiday! Not only was I able to photograph this wonderful family, but I was also very happy to be a part of their family for 10 days. It was the first time the four of them had all been together in quite a while, so what better time to take a family portrait? (of course I had the plan in my head and they were NOT going to get out of it! :)

I couldn’t ask for better smiles…

family, North Providence photographer, Naples Family Photography, RI family photographer


This beautiful couple will be married for 50 years this coming February! Can you believe? I would say they don’t even look 50!

couples, Naples, Florida family photography, RI family photographer, North Providence Family photographer

Mom and Dad

Can you tell which sibling is the clown? (hint….the one sitting down!)

2014-01-05_002There is nothing as sweet as a mom with her two baby boys…..did I say baby? Well, there is lots of love here….eek!……2014-01-05_003The setting was on the Lake right behind their property. We were lucky to catch the last of the sunset. It was a tough time rearranging a day when everyone was around during the daylight hours!

How about the handsome men of the family……I must say, I got to hang out with two of them at the beach and pool! Sorry ladies, part of the perks!

2014-01-05_006This one brought tears to my eyes! Mom was overly joyed to have me “force” them into a family photo shoot, as her Christmas gift! It was worth lugging an extra 50lbs of equipment on the plane! (luckily I had help in the lugging department!)

2014-01-05_007 Before  ending this fun shoot…….the boys put on their best “We are so cool” looks……


…..and more…..(I think they were trying to be Crockett and Tubbs, however I think it was more like Abbott and Costello…or Felix and Oscar………….maybe Bert and Ernie!)

siblings, family, north providence photographer, naples florida

the boys

We couldn’t leave without a visit from the momma duck and her babies!

RI family photographer, North Providence family photographer, Naples Florida family photography